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Will Insurance Pay for My Massage?

Yes! Both no-fault insurance and medical insurance providers cover massage therapy!

Did you know that if you have been in an auto accident in NY (and in other states), your car insurance will pay for all your massage treatment? And not only massage but also chiropractic, physical therapy, and even acupuncture treatments?

In New York, if you are unfortunately injured in a car accident, your treatment is covered by no-fault insurance. No-fault Insurance is a mandotory provision in all NY State car insurance contracts that covers medical treatment for the policy holder and/or other victims of an automobile accident. In other words, your insurance takes responsibility for your medical treatment.

All you need is a doctor’s prescription/referral for massage and you may be able to get on a treatment plan covered in full by your New York State car insurance!

Also, most medical insurance providers will give discounts or even reimburse you for massage treatment, whether you have a prescription or not. Just check your policy - most providers only ask that you send them a receipt from a massage therapist!

You should always check in with your doctor and health insurance provider to see what you are covered for. Alternative medicine is quickly becoming recognized as a legitimate and crucial aspect of healthcare. Massage therapy should be a very important part of your healthy routine, and you may even find that you don't have to pay the price of your next massage session.

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